How to Add & Customize Services

Adding services are very easy now at

After adding Business information, it’s important to add services for you business. But how ?

Don’t worry, It’s a very simple and easy, only few clicks can complete this process to add services for your business.

How to Add & Customize Services for your business? #

Step 1: Click on Services. #

Click on Services from left sidebar of your dashboard.


Step 2: Click on Add Category. #

You will see a new window as shown below, before adding services, you must create a category for your service. So, click on Add Category.


Step 3: Name your Category and Type Description. #

You will see another popup where you will be asked to name your category and description. After typing those click on “Add” button and your Category is created.



Step 4: Click on New Service. #

Now you Click on New Service and another popup window will open where you will be asked to add your service information like:

  • Service heading
  • Category
  • Service Description
  • Appointment type
  • website address / Landing page
  • Duration
  • Price
  • Service Type
  • Same day Service
  • Upload Service related icon

Fill up the fields and click on add button at the bottom of this popup.


Congratulation!!! you successfully created your category and services. Now you will see your services like the following screenshot. Now you can add your other category and services as you need.





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