How to Add or Update your business & Branding information?


After successful registration, you need to add some more information about your business to express your business & Brands and engage more people like (Business logo, banner, Contact information, Social links, Payment settings etc.).

Here are few steps to go: 

Add or Update Business Information #

Step 1 :  #

First of all, go to Settings from left side menu of dashboard.


Step 2 :  #

Now Click on the Business info card as shown below


Step 3 :  #

Here in this window, you must fill up each empty field properly and should not leave any field empty. These 6 steps are important to express your business. follow the instructions given following screenshots.

  • Business Description
  • about us image (*recommended 500px x 300px)
  • Business logo
  • Brand color
  • Background image for client portal (Max. File Size 2Mb)
  • Contact Info
  • Social Links
  • Admin Account
  • CRM Payment Settings


Step 4 :  #

After completing above steps, click on save at the top of the page to save all your changes. 

And you are done!


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